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Criminal Charges Dismissed Against Gary Police Officer

All charges pending against a Gary Police Officer were dismissed by the Lake County Prosecutor in a court filing today.

Officer Jennifer Powell, a Gary Officer since 2002, was accused of ghost employment on April 4, 2013 based upon allegations that she collected wages from her police job while working at the Lake County Jail as a Corrections Officer and a private security job. Her attorneys, Scott King and Russell Brown of the Scott King Group said:

“Once the time records and other information regarding all three jobs were obtained, it became clear that there was no evidence of Powell being paid twice for the same time. In some cases, the records did not correctly show the hours worked. In others, she was accused of being at two jobs at the same time when the time records for one of them showed she was not, in fact, working at that job. In short, the investigation by Officer Cannon of the Gary Police Department was riddled with inaccurate and incomplete facts and other information. We are thankful that Deputy Prosecutor Monica Rogina took the time to carefully review this case including evidence that the defense developed in order to prevent an injustice from occurring.”

Since early this year, Powell has been suspended without pay based upon a pending complaint in the Gary Police Commission. King said: “We are demanding her immediate reinstatement to full duty and payment of all wages lost as a result of actions taken by the Department based upon these charges. In addition, should she desire, we intend to seek her reinstatement to the other positions she was wrongfully terminated from.”


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