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Client Found Not Guilty of Murder and Felony Murder

KBM Trial Lawyers is pleased to share that Lake County Criminal Defense Attorneys Scott King and Lakeisha Murdaugh’s client was found not guilty of Murder and Felony Murder after a week-long jury trial.  Murder is defined as a knowingly or intentional killing.  Additionally, an individual can also be charged with murder if he/she kills another person while committing or attempting to commit certain felonies.  Thanks to Attorney King and Attorney Murdaugh’s jury trial experience specifically defending murder and felony murder, they were able to convince the jury that their client was not responsible for the murder or felony murder despite being found guilty of attempted robbery.

The Criminal Defense Attorneys at King, Brown & Murdaugh have a proven track record of providing an aggressive and zealous defense for their clients.  If you find yourself facing a serious crime, the experienced criminal defense attorneys at KBM can assist you in protecting your constitutional rights and freedom.  Call today for a free initial consultation.  Serving the state of Indiana, including Lake, Porter, LaPorte and Jasper counties.

Please note, this is advertising material.  Each case presents its own unique facts and this information should not be construed as an expectation for a certain outcome.

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